Friday, January 14, 2011

The Quest Begins

Question: Do you have a cupboard that looks like this?

Do you have an entire cupboard full of cookbooks, cooking magazines, and recipe cards? Do you use all of those books, magazines, and cards? If you are like me you only actually use a few recipes in each resource and there are many recipes in that cupboard that you don't even know exist.

In an attempt to de-clutter I have decided to replace my cupboard full of cooking resources with one cookbook that will contain all the favourite recipes I actually use. To begin I purchased a computer program called MacGourmet that will help me record and organize all my favourite recipes on my computer. It will then help me put together a cookbook.

Since MacGourmet allows me to post recipes to a blog, I have decided to share my recipes as I enter them. In doing this I hope to share some of my favourite recipes with family and friends. In return I invite anyone who tries a recipe to post a comment on whether they enjoyed the recipe or not, whether there were any typos in the recipe or if the instructions were not clear, or if they made any changes that improved the recipe. If you have a recipe that would be better I also want to hear from you! I really want this to be a great cookbook!

How long will this project go on and how often will I post? A friend of mine finished a photography blog where she posted 365 photographs that she per day for an entire year. Inspired by this I plan to post 365 recipes over the course of 365 days. I may not post a recipe everyday...but by January 14, 2012 I will have 365 recipes to put into a cookbook!

So....let the cooking begin!

PS...At this point in time, my blog can be openly viewed by anyone but if you would like to post a comment, you are required to create a blogger account which may require you to open a free google account and create a password.


  1. Great idea! My cookbooks look similar, but not nearly so tidy! :)

    I actually purchased a program for my recipes as well (for Mac) 'Shop 'n Cook'. I imported all my recipes from a previous program, and I am off and running. Not sure if I will print a book, but what a lovely idea. There are so many great business out there that print books.

    Off on a tangent here - I am hoping to get my digital photos organized, and do annual books to showcase our photos, instead of leaving them stuck on a hard drive somewhere.

    Anyhow - I look forward to following your journey!

  2. It is amazing that you posted this blog today! I just finished cleaning out my recipe book/magazine cupboard and down sized as well. I cut out the recipes that I love or plan on making and then the rest of the magazine was tosses. I had several books as well that only contained a few recipes that I like, so I copies them into a binder that I have. I love your idea. I will continue to follow your blog. Hey, and come for another visit soon, as I didn't get to talk to you last time!
    Sherry Gibson