Wednesday, February 2, 2011

MacGourmet I love you....for the most part.

I just want to put in a plug here for the computer recipe program I am using (MacGourmet). When I made the cherry-chicken croissant recipe I didn't want to make 7 servings....only 3. MacGourmet has a feature that allows you to scale recipes up or down. All I did was type in 3 servings and the entire recipe was adjusted. Thanks MacGourmet! I think I love you.

My only complaint with MacGourmet right now is that I need to purchase Marsedit in order to blog (currently I am using a free trial but I will eventually need to purchase....only $40 or $ not too bad) and I can't upload cooking videos I make. Maybe the video option will appear in a later version.

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  1. I feel the same way about Shop 'n Cook (Menu)! I love my auto import, nutritional analysis, and menu planning/auto shopping lists.